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Substance Use Disorder Services


Individuals come to us with varying levels of intensity of chemical dependency. Our programs are designed to address the individual’s unique needs for treatment to put them on the road to a personalized recovery. Clients receive a full substance abuse assessment, which includes a mental health evaluation. A client’s level of care is determined and provided in accordance to their individual strengths and needs as reflected in the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM-PPC). FCCBH provides out-patient and intensive out-patient services. Clients are placed in the lowest level of care appropriate for their situation. The length and duration of treatment (Level of Care) will depend upon the individual’s needs and their progress through treatment. Determination of readiness for completion of a level of a care is based upon a client’s demonstrated ability to use effective relapse prevention skills. Four Corners does not deny access to services based on a persons inability to pay. A sliding fee scale is available.

Recovery Teams regularly review client progress and status in treatment and jointly recommend the appropriate movement through the levels of care. All education and program materials are derived from evidence-based curriculum. Our programming includes gender specific treatment for men and women. If needed or recommended, clients may be referred to our psychiatrist for medication evaluation and management.

Dual-diagnosis clients may be referred to one of our mental health therapists for more concentrated attention to a non-substance use disorder, opening them up to the full array of mental health services. Clients presenting with medical concerns/conditions may be referred for integrated medical care either to their primary care physician, the nearest Federally Qualified Health Center, or through our contracted medical care physician in Carbon County. Programs services include: individual, couples, family and group therapy; individual and group therapeutic behavior services; psycho-education classes; case management services (as needed), and random urine analysis. Interim services are also available.

Felony Drug Court programs are available in all counties. Family Dependency Drug Court programs are available in Carbon and Grand counties.